St.Jude’s Church, Chundale
St Jude’s Shrine Chundale Wayanad- 673 123 Ph : 04936-201337 / Office: 9947868779 E mail: Web: www.

Mass Timings

Day Time
Sunday 08.15 am Mass 10.30 am Mass 04.30 pm Mass
Monday 07.00 am Mass & Novena (St Jude’s) 10.30 am Mass & Novena (St Jude’s) 04.30 pm Mass & Novena (St Jude’s)
Tuesday 06.45 am Mass 05.30 pm Mass
Wednesday 06.45 am Mass 05.30 pm Mass
Thursday 06.45 am Mass 05.30 pm Mass
Friday 06.45 am Mass 05.30 pm Mass
Saturday 06.45 am Mass 05.30 pm Mass

History of St Jude’s Shrine

From 1925 onwards there was a need felt for a church at Chundale as the number of migrant Catholics to the tea and coffee plantations in and around Chundale increased. Responding to the need, Fr Victor de Rozario, S.J. made available five acres of land adjoining the school at Chundale and took the initiative to construct the church dedicated to St Jude. The first Holy Mass was celebrated in a house bought from Mr. Richard Nichlos. When the then Bishop of Calicut Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dr. Leo Prosperio was ill, Fr Victor de Rozario had an opportunity to treat him and subsequently cured him. As a result of which Fr Victor de Rozario asked for St Jude’s relic from Rome. He was granted the same. And he started Holy mass and Novena to St Jude on Mondays in 1937. The construction of the Shrine commenced under the then Vicar, Fr Aloysius D’Silva, who was ably assisted by Fr L. M. Zucol, an Italian, whose missionary zeal, spirit and generosity is experienced by the people of Cannonore diocese even to this day. The construction of the church was carried out and completed by 1953 by Mr. T. M. D’Cruz, Engineering Contractor who was also a recipient of the Papal Honour – Pro Ecclesia Et Pontifice. The walls of the church were decorated by the beautiful mural paintings of Brother Angelo Bignami, S. J. with incidents of Jesuit Saints with salvific history and miracles traditionally believed to be done by St Jude. These paintings are being restored by INTACH, Gwalior. On October 13th 1953. Rt. Rev. Dr. Patroni S. J. blessed the church and raised it into a parish.